Donovan Schafer, CFA

Director of Retirement Plan Services

Donovan is the Head of Research at RVW. After graduating cum laude from USC with a degree in electrical engineering, he trotted off to West Virginia to work for four years as a petroleum engineer in the exciting new Marcellus shale natural gas development. He later led the effort to permit a $160 million natural gas storage field in Colorado.

Dealing with the economic aspects of oil and gas production inspired him to advise investors on oil and gas investments and later take and pass all three of the CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst) examinations. Since then, he has focused full-time on advising clients in accordance with RVW’s sound principles of investing.

When he’s not working, Donovan enjoys traveling and chasing his four nephews. He’s been to more than 20 countries, including Estonia, Singapore, Japan, the Czech Republic, and many more. He also enjoys volunteering and working with inner-city youth through programs such as USC’s Troy Camp.