RVW Legacy Resource Center
“The Wealth Which Cannot Be Measured”

The RVW Legacy Resource Center provides highly personalized and professional advice, counsel and resources to successful and philanthropic individuals, couples and families, private foundations and non-profit organizations in helping to strategically identify, nurture and sustain each client’s long-term legacy goals.

These advisory services for RVW Wealth clients include:

  • Legacy Letters (Ethical Wills): Assisting family members in developing a written blueprint of essential values and principles.
  • Digital Archives: Access to RVW digital archive which assists family members in assembling and creating digital archives of documents in six critical areas (My Life, Health & Medical, Financial, Legal, Eldercare and “After I’m Gone”).
  • Impact Investing: Aligning family values and mission statements with investment portfolios.
  • Philanthropic Counseling: Grant and program development, evaluation and management, including assisting with research, due diligence, grant making decisions, negotiations of donor agreements and fund administration.
  • Succession/Next Generation Planning: Inter-generational and intra-family succession planning, as well as dispute mediation and resolution.

These services are provided at no cost to RVW Wealth clients and form a critical part of the three pillars of RVW’s stewardship role:  Wealth planning, Tax planning and Legacy planning.