October 10, 2018

Investing Short-Term Cash

Summary Treasury floating rate bonds are an attractive option for short-term investments to maximize return and minimize risk. Interest earned on treasuries is generally exempt of state and local taxes. Benefits of Treasury floating rate bonds in high-tax states such as California are even greater. Bonds with floating coupon rates are […]

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August 7, 2018

Seven Truths

1.  Learn to distinguish risk from volatility    What do we do when the Big Bad Bear growls? Do nothing because risk, as we define it, is the possibility of permanent loss of capital – while volatility is the successive over-valuation and under-valuation that the market places on your fractional interests […]

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Tax Efficiency and Active Investing

Tax-efficiency is at the heart of the RVW IntelliBETA® Wealth Management System. Our portfolios typically generate minimal tax cost, allowing the assets to compound in a tax-advantaged environment. And when they are liquidated, it’s usually at the (lower) long term capital gains rate. Strategic ETF based investing is not only superior to most […]

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John Bogle’s 10 Key Rules of Investing

Fees, returns, and why time is your friend: 1. Remember reversion to the mean. Selecting your fund from yesterday’s winners is fraught with peril. Over the long run, reversion to the market average is inevitable. 2. Time is your friend. Start early, stick to a plan and ignore the chatter of the day. […]

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